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Dog Fence with Collar for Small Dog

Dog Fence with Collar for Small Dog


  • Rechargeable Collar, never worry about changing batteries, simply charge your collar overnight once a month
  • Collar is completely waterproof, no concerns about buckets of water, rain, puddles or mud
  • Beep Warning, lets your dog know in advance if they are getting too close to the boundary
  • Speed detection technology prevents dog running through it
  • Suitable for any Dog, with three collar sizes available for dogs of different sizes
  • 2 Year Warranty

How it Works

A signal is sent out from your plugged in unit to a wire placed around your boundary. This signal is emitted from the wire and as your dog approaches the wire the collar on around his neck will begin to make a beeping sound to warn him or her that they getting close to the boundary, if they continue to approach the boundary they will receive a safe but firm electric shock. Soon the dog will associate your boundary and the beep with receiving a shock will avoid it in future.

How to Set it Up

Place wire around the boundary you want to contain the dog, wire can be buried 2-3 inches below ground to cross driveways or areas where you may be cutting grass; laid on a surface; tacked to an existing fence; or threaded through bushes and hedges. Tails from the boundary loop-wire may be twisted together to create internal islands of exclusion (flower-beds, children’s play areas, etc.) the dog can pass freely over areas where the wire is twisted. The wire must be one continuous loop with both ends leading back to your unit which is plugged in to the mains.
You can add as much wire as needed to cover up to 6 acres.

Setup & Test Fence Unit

You can control from the unit how far back the dog must stay from the boundary

Using The Red Zones

When putting collar on your dog’s neck, place pins facing up towards the bottom of your dogs neck, and gently rub past hair to ensure pins are making contact with dogs skin. Use adjustable strap to make collar the right size for your dogs neck. Their should be just enough room that you can squeeze your in under collar. It is recommended to give your collar a charge when you get a new fence. Simply place the collar on top if the unit, red over plus and black over minus and push down into the slots.

Following on from this its recommended to charge it overnight approximately once a month.

How To Charge Fence Collar

The unit plugged into the mains will make a buzzing noise to alert you if their is a break in your wire. We have personally set up hundreds of fences around all different kinds of homes, if you require
any assistance or have any questions you can always give us a call.

Product Information
Irish Made and on the Market since 1989. While we also supply wire, it is sold separately to allow people to customise to their own needs or purchase from another supplier if they wish, it is available from most electrical wholesalers. We recommend you use .75 mm2 multi strand, single core, flexible PVC cable HO7VK BS2491X.

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